Interview: Augusta // A very healthy bride-to-be!

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

I got to catch up with soon-to-be bride, spinning guru and one of my favorite people in general, Augusta Preisero, to give a little advice on living a healthy lifestyle and what NOT to do before your upcoming wedding.  Augusta is a certified personal trainer and spinning instructor and owner of Fab Fitt. She is definitely FAB and FIT!!

Tell me a little about yourself.  I know you’re a school teacher, a personal trainer and spinning instructor as well.  What's your typical day like?

bride to be fitness

A typical day in the life of me...MAYHEM!  I wake up around 6am every morning,   unless Molly [my cat] mushes me back into bed.  She's an early bird, so we make our way down the stairs to empty the dishwasher and start breakfast. I'm a little OCD so the beds have to be done and the kitchen has to be clean before I leave the house.  My day at school begins at 8:30 and all I can think about is my NOGII bar that I can't wait to eat at 10am. I'm like a little kid running to the snack machine to munch on a Snickers bar- but needless to say it's a sweet nogii bar! The day progresses and I end school at 2:30.  Depending on the time of year I may have a few [personal training] clients. But from there I run home to help with laundry and cooking. 

Are you tired yet?? 

Cooking is my passion. I always dreamed of having a restaurant. When you’re young you live with the mindset of having a circle of dreams.  That's what my mom always told me.  As I prepare dinner and fold my laundry, I'm also getting ready to teach one of my spin classes.  Before class I usually make my playlist for the night.  I always make my playlist right before class because it has to depict my mood for the day! At 6:45 the lights go out.  I light my candles and dance the night away... 


How did you get into fitness, and what is your favorite thing to do to stay looking and feeling so great?

I can thank my mom for the day she told me I looked like I was getting fat. She got me a trainer that I worked with 3 times a week and by 17 I had my certification in personal training. It was a pretty good first job; but as I continued training, I continued learning.  I've been working with the same trainer for 18 years and have continued training with him.

I love spinning upside down and hanging like a monkey but my favorite workout has to be my Soul Cycle time.  

What is your "diet" like?  How are you able to eat right with such a busy schedule?

bride to be fitness

Let's call it a lifestyle.  Coming from a very traditional Italian home, my family is very big with vegetables. My town in Italy is known for their beans and it's possible that you may find me snacking on broccoli rabe or faro (spelt)  in the middle of the day. I choose to feel great inside and out so eating healthy makes me feel that way. I was never a big junk food or candy eater- I love the occasional piece of chocolate just like every girl but I'd honestly rather eat a loaf of bread and some escarole. There are no excuses unless we make them ourselves. I calculate my time as best as possible to eat at least 5x a day. 


With your busy schedule, how do you keep yourself motivated to stay so fit?  

I believe that my motivation begins with a path that I have already taken and the environment that I surround myself with.  They say broken crayons still color right? So, technically no matter how many "mistakes" or bad decisions we have ever made we learn that life is a colorful place and there's always a better plan ahead. I am pretty religious and God builds our paths with a specific plan. The idea that I met a more than amazing man was probably part of my plan; and with the happiness and joy that he brings to me every day, he inspires me to be more motivated and more amazing for not just myself but everyone else around me. 


Speaking of your amazing man, you have a wedding coming up in Italy--why did you choose a destination wedding?

A wedding is supposed to be completely "you." It's supposed to compliment who we are.  Although they call weddings the "princess mentality," for me it's the total opposite. I don't like being the center of attention and I thought it would be one of the most meaningful and special places for the both of US. 

Tell me about Fab Fitt. What is your mission?

I want people to learn to bring their mind and their body to a positive state--to only say yes. We're all human and I think we let whatever is the easiest to control us. If we lead with our minds, especially in fitness, well be able to understand that "easy" is probably the wrong door!


What advice do you have for brides to reach their fitness goals and to maintain their results after the wedding?

bride to be fitness

"Pictures are forever..." Most brides seem to be stuck on the idea that the skinnier you are for your wedding the more beautiful the pictures will look.  But what happens after the pictures and after the wedding? Everyone seems to be stuck on the idea of a crash diet to lose weight fast.

Take a pill and it's game over.

I think we're all looking for the miracle to happen but why not find a long term miracle? What if we found a way to lose the weight we wanted the healthy way? It's hard to fix years of neglect in just a few minutes, so why not focus on eating right and exercising sooner than later so that at least we're not messing up our metabolism.

My advice is to learn to eat the right way before your wedding day. Figure out why you're stuck at your weight and learn to eliminate all of the unnecessary calories in your diet. Your wedding day and the planning is supposed to be an exciting journey. Skipping meals or crash dieting can turn a happy bride to turn into a "bridezilla," and that's probably the last thing you're going to want to remember. 


Where can people take your spin classes or contact you for personal training? 


You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or via email at

bride to be fitness

A huge thank you to Augusta for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us  some valuable advice.  My suggestion to all is to follow her instagram and facebook for her daily motivational words.  And if you’re ever in NYC, take one of her amazing spin classes!!