A Happy, Healthy Pet Brings A Happy Healthy You!

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

It's not uncommon for someone who is in a fit state of mind to want to share the health among loved ones.  When you look great and feel amazing, people want to know your secret. How did you lose that extra baby-weight?  What makes your hair so shiny and your skin glow?  Why do you always have so much energy?  These are questions people want to know about!  But what about our beloved pets?  My dogs are like my babies!  They can't speak to me (besides let's say, running to the door when they want to go out) and they probably don't know what's best for them. But I always make sure my "kids" get the proper supplementation they need.  Some people see their animals as "just pets."  I want Bronx and Brookelynn to live long, healthy beautiful lives--they are my family. Here are some nutrition supplements that I add to my puppies' diet. Some of them you may already use for yours!

And by keeping your fur-babies happy, you keep yourself happy and healthy when it is most needed, through the stresses of planning your wedding :)


Fish Oil

Brookelynn is a Whippet Mix and Bronx is a German Shepherd Mix. Bronx blows his coat two times a year to the point where I am sweeping my house two to three times a day. I started to give him 2000 mg of Omega-3 Fish Oil a day and the shedding decreased dramatically. As for princess Brookelynn, her coat is shinier than ever.  Fish oil also improves the immune system, increases stamina, and adds moisture to dry irritated skin.  The anti-oxidant properties of omega-3 fatty acids may also lower the risk of cancer.  For the correct dosage, start your dog on 1000mg per 30 pounds of body weight. But just like people, everyone is different so you should check with your veterinarian before starting you animal on this supplement. 


Rescue Remedy Pet

This all natural supplement supports calm behavior in pets, including dogs, cats and horses.  It comes in spray or liquid drop form, and it is a combination of five soothing flower essences that includes helianthemum, clematis and impatiens.  Brookelynn and Bronx were both stray dogs. Brookelynn has some serious separation issues, where Bronx is so anxious he will jump at the wind and hide behind me on a walk. Someone suggested Xanax, but I didn't want to go that route without trying something natural. They've both been on RR pet for three months now and along with their pet meditation music and being in their kennels, their anxiety has decreased substantially when I'm gone. And they don't seem "drugged out" as I feared they would with prescription medication.


Milk Thistle

I started using milk thistle on my late dog Nicho, who had Cushing's Disease. Nicho had a tumor on his pituitary gland that caused his body to produce too much cortisol. This was hard on his kidneys and liver. Milk thistle helps promote liver function. I decided to give it to Brooke and Bronx now, even though they are young.  Dogs eat everything.  You take them for a walk, they will sniff around and ingest anything from candy bar wrappers to cat poop. In the house they'll eat their non-edible toys and our shoes and furniture. This can't be good for the liver, which filters toxins so we can excrete them from the body. So even though you are feeding your pets a top-notch diet, adding milk thistle will help tremendously.  Again, always check with your vet on dosages, and they will have more insight on what's best for your pet. 

If you're an animal lover like me and have fur babies in your life (and want them there with you, happy and healthy on your wedding day), we want them to live as long and as good a quality of life possible. If we eat right, exercise and take our vitamins, why shouldn't they?