Amp Up Your Calorie-Burning Cardio

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

Don't think your workouts are burning you enough calories?  Are you starting to feel like you're hitting a plateau?  It happens to the best of us, especially if your workout routine has involved the same cardio exercise machine since you first set foot in a gym. Lose the elliptical once in a while and try some of these other fast calorie-burning exercises:



Whether you're enjoying the outdoors or at your gym killing it in a spin class, cycling can burn up to 850 calories per hour depending on the intensity.  Some spin classes will also incorporate band workouts to workout your upper body as well. Soul Cycle is a popular spinning class that you may be able to find in your area. It has a selection of incredible trainers you can choose from to make you spin experience a fun and productive one. I've personally never taken a class but it's hit the fitness world by storm, and everyone I know that has taken a class there gets addicted!



Clearly we all have access to our own rowboats and a lake right behind our houses right?  Well if you happen to be someone that does not, row machines are a fun way to melt away your fat. Not all gyms have them but if yours does (or if you have one at home) hop on and burn up to 377 calories in 30 min.  Using the row machine not only works the heart, it's a fully body workout that is great for your rhomboids (upper back) muscles as well as your biceps.


Jump Roping

Here's what's great about the jump rope-- you can carry it with you at all times!  It's light, it's cheap, and it's very, very effective. Jump roping burns 13 calories per minute and will making your calves look amazing!  If you've never jump-roped before start by doing 50 in a row. Then a hundred. Then start timing yourself and working your way up every time. Soon you'll hit the 30 minute mark and 390 calories later you'll be feeling great and realizing you just did something you never thought you could do!  


Battle Ropes

We don't all have access to these but you can ask your gym if they have battle ropes that they don't put out but may let you use. Using battle ropes is such an incredible workout and there are so many different ways you can go about using them.

Start with the basics.  Hold one rope in each hand.  With your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and belly button in, alternate your arms moving them up and down. Use your legs as well trying not to throw your weight into your back. If you get a hold of battle ropes most likely there will be someone to guide you through using them. These are found a lot in cross fit gyms and bootcamps. Using the battle rope can burn 11 calories per minute as well as build up muscle throughout your core.

Whatever cardio adventure you decide to embark on intensity is the key.  The more intense your workout the more calories you burn and the quicker the results will come. And remember, if you're ever unsure of how to use a machine ask a personal trainer or fitness expert to help you out!