Sweating for the Wedding // Make the Park Your Playground (Part 2)

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

Last week I gave you a few exercises you can perform at one of your favorite parks—it’s nice to be out of the gym once in a while.  Here are a few more to help tighten and tone.  Again, if you have some five pound weights, bring them along!  But not all of the following exercises need to be done with weights.


Burpees Off the Bench

If you prefer to do burpees in the grass, more power to you!  If you’re a beginner and burpees are a bit more difficult for you, try a low bench at the park. 

Get into a squatting position and put both hands on the bench.  Kick both feet out so you’re in a plank position off the bench, and then jump to bring your feet back in. Stand all the way up and jump in the air with your arms up.  Or, you can finish with a jumping jack.

revised burpee exercise
revised burpee exercise

Burpees are a great core exercise and they are definitely a calorie burner.


Squat, Push Up, Twist

I don’t really have a creative name for this super-effective exercise besides describing how to do it!  Again, you don’t need weights but you will feel more of a burn using at least 5 pounders.

With your feet squared and shoulder-width apart, hold both weights at the top of your shoulders.  Squat like you’re sitting on the chair.  When you come up from the squat push both weights up above your head into a shoulder press.  Then twist your entire torso to one side to work your obliques.  Bring your body back forward and repeat, twisting to the opposite side.

at home exercises for brides

I love this exercise because it works your quads, glutes, abs, arms and shoulders.  It’s a killer but you’re getting a full-body workout!


Tricep Dips

Start by sitting on a bench.  Easy enough?  Slide your butt out so it’s off the bench and your arms are holding you up.  Your legs should be straight out.  However, if you find this too hard at first you can do a modified version by bending your knees and keeping your feet flat on the floor (like our lovely model Jessa in the picture).  Once your feet are in place, bend your arms keeping your elbows back, and push back up.  Try to do 3 sets 12-15 repetitions and your triceps will be on fire!!

tricep at home workout

So there it is!  Exercise is hard work but can also be fun in the sun! 

And as I said last week, remember to use sunscreen and stay hydrated.  You may think you're in the shade but can still burn up.  And hopefully you’ll find this routine a walk in the park.