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Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Oh that first dance. We just couldn't come to an agreement. Being a wedding coordinator, I have heard many first song dances and being a country-lover myself, there were tons of options that I saw. But as it came time to actually choose "our song," it became much more difficult than expected.

The songs I loved were overused or just seemed to cheesy because I had seen them done dozens of times already. And then I found a song I loved. It was a country song and the lyrics were just beautiful. Beyond excited for my soon-to-be husband to hear, I texted him the YouTube link only to receive this reply in return...


Yes, he is a country fan as well, but this song was really country. Just way too twangy for him. And thinking back, it may have been a bit twangy for me as well but the reason I liked it was because it was different - I had never seen it used before. So I fell in love, and my dreams were immediately crushed.

Just kidding. I was sad for a whole five minutes and we then agreed upon a song we both loved and it turned out beautiful...even though it had already been used time and time again :)

My guess is that I am not alone. We all want our weddings to be unique, one-of-a-kind and we want them to stand out from the rest.

Well luckily, I found the most AMAZING company who will create your own first dance song. Yes, it is yours and yours alone and you are there to direct how it all goes - the lyrics, the story, the tune, and the feeling.

Sounds too good to be true right?? We it's not!

Write Me A Song can create an original first dance song, a father-daughter song, background music for your wedding video, or a new original song to walk down the aisle to...you have got to check this out!

I sure wish I had heard about this before my wedding :)

Check out the Write Me My Song website for samples, pricing, and more about this amazing company!