How To Recharge Your Bridal Fitness Routine

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

My clients often ask me what I do for my workouts. The truth is that I do a bit of everything and you should too. Adding variety to your bridal fitness routine is the best way to get in shape — read: look and feel amazing — before your big day.

bridal fitness workouts and tips

This is what “a bit of everything” looks like:

●     I swim, run, walk, and occasionally I jump on a mini trampoline

●     I frequently do Pilates, plus a little bit of yoga

●     I strength train a couple of times a week, sometimes with weights and other times without

●     I move slowly and quickly, forwards, backwards, side to side, up, and down

●     I exercise both inside and outside, with company or solo

●     I do classes and I make up my own routines

●     I always play music

I know that my body needs to be constantly challenged if I want improve my fitness, strength and flexibility. And to be honest, my brain needs the challenge too. Repeating the same-old workout is a recipe for boredom, and increases the likelihood of quitting your exercise routine. 

What about you? Is your bridal workout routine bringing you consistently good results, or have you hit a fitness plateau?

Today I want to supercharge your fitness with 5 easy tips:

Run your regular loop in reverse. Not only will your eyes appreciate a change of scenery, but so will your legs. Striking the ground at different angles, running up hills that you normally go down, and changing when and how your cardio system is challenged make this a fun fitness fix.

Try something new. Drop in to a random class such as Zumba, TRX, martial arts or even water aerobics! Pick something that puts you slightly out of your comfort zone and say hello to newfound muscles. Make this more fun by calling your bridesmaids and scheduling a fit-date!

Keep it social. Joining a team or participating in an active 'non-workout' is a great way to increase your fitness and spend time with your hubby-to-be. Think outside the box with activities such as wall climbing, stand up paddle boarding, or even rollerblading.

Get it done in half the time. If steady-state cardio is your go-to workout then challenge yourself by covering less distance with greater speed. Hill sprints, pool sprints and bike sprints are a wonderful for your aerobic system and keep your metabolism burning long after the workout is done — not to mention leaving you more time for Pinning!

Train with a beginners mind.  Re-introduce yourself to your body every time you workout. Try not to default into the same range of motion, weight limit or tempo just because it’s what you always do. When your muscles are comfortable they aren’t changing. Where in your fitness routine can you challenge your habits and change your physique?

Now, I'd love to hear from you! In the comments below finish this sentence: "I will challenge by bridal fitness routine this week by…"

With fitspiration and love, 

Jennifer Dene

P.S. Want some more inspiration? Download my free bridal workout calendar here, 28 days of workouts designed for the busy bride-to-be.