How To Tone Your Upper Arms In Under 8 Minutes

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Strapless, backless, cap-sleeve, lace-sleeve.

Toning your upper arms is one of the most important focus areas for any bride, no matter what kind of dress you're wearing. 

But it's also a difficult area to strengthen for us ladies, as we tend to be weaker in our upper body. 

No worries though; with targeted moves, light weights and high repetitions you will have terrific triceps and sexy shoulders in no time.

Today's workout takes less than 8 minutes and focuses on the upper arm with moves like tricep kickbacks, canoe presses, and praying mantis pushups... if the promise of toning your arms wasn't enough, I bet you're at least a little intrigued with the names of those exercises! 

Grab a pair of light weights (2 - 5 pounds) and your exercise mat, and then I'll see you at Mind Body Bride for this super quick, super effective, upper arm session. 

How To Tone Your Upper Arms In Under 8 Minutes