Introducting our Swell Beauty hair & makeup series!


For many brides, photography is the most important vendor because the photos are what is going to last when the flowers die, the food is eaten, and the amazing night is over. But who is in those photos?? That, of course, is a beautiful bride and her new hubby!

And in those photos, a beautiful bride has been done up for her big day. So in my eyes, the hair and makeup that will appear in those photos is equally as important so you can feel your best! No, I am not saying you need to look like a different person (that is actually the opposite of what I think!), but your hair and makeup are what brings out and compliments your natural beauty on your wedding day, just like your gorgeous gown!

So this week we have a hair and makeup series that will not only show you how it all works, but we have a fabulous hair & makeup on-location and bridal salon wedding company and a real bride who will be giving us a behind the scenes look at the entire process! Now this is an Overwhelmed Bride first!! :)

Over the next five days, you will get some tips and tricks on skin, beauty, and the best hairstyles for your wedding day, you will better understand how the trial process works so you are comfortable when that time comes for you, and you will learn more about what to look for in your wedding day hair and makeup artist to ensure those photos turn out fabulous!

And before we get started, here is a quick sneak peek :)

The Schedule

Friday, May 30th
Why hiring a wedding stylist is a MUST and the horror stories that could be yours if you don't!

Saturday, May 31st
A behind-the-scenes look at what happens during a hair and makeup trial so you now what to expect!

Sunday, June 1st
Coming prepared for your trial - what you need to bring and what you need to know!

Monday, June 2nd
The tips and tricks I learned throughout this process...the stuff you'll want to know before your own trial!

Tuesday, June 3rd
And our series would not be complete without presenting the final look that Kelsey chose...and bloopers, of course :)

The ones who make the magic happen!

Of course, this series wouldn't be possible without the amazing vendors who made it happen...and my beautiful bride, of course :) So take a look at who is making all of this magic may even find a fabulous vendor for your own wedding day!

The Bride, Kelsey

A huge thank you to our beautiful bride, Kelsey, who allowed us to film and photograph this entire process! We wanted to give you a real live behind the scenes look, and she allowed that to happen!

Thank you Kelsey! We cannot wait for your wedding this coming October :)

Swell Beauty

These are the ladies who make all of the magic happen!

Dee (on the right) is the amazing owner of Swell Beauty in Laguna Beach, California and is the hair stylist for this series!

Stacey (on the left) is the fabulous makeup artist for Kelsey's wedding day!


Bleudog Fotography

This is Shawna, owner and photographer of Bleudog Fotography and I had the great pleasure of working with her for the first time on this shoot!

All of the stunning photos you see throughout this series are her work and I have a few projects coming up with her again very soon that I cannot wait to share with all of you!

AfterDark Media

I have had the pleasure of working with AfterDark Media not only for my wedding day, but for this amazing hair and makeup series! Johnny was able to capture the whole process for you to see...there's nothing like a video to show you the experience firsthand!

I hope that this series is not only fun for you to watch, see, and read, but that is eases any worries or unknowns about what your hair and makeup trial will be like. Our goal is to guide you through the process of choosing your stylists, offer you tips and tricks along the way, make sure you are best prepared for your trial, and help you through all the way to your wedding day!

And as soon as Kelsey is married in October, we will definitely be showing you the final product :)