Your Honeymoon is Waiting

Written with love, by Sonia Frieder

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

You get to enjoy this moment for literally only a moment before your mind is inundated with ideas. What kind of dress do I want? What should the color scheme be? Buffet or sit down? D.J. or band? The list goes on and on.

These questions will consume you for the next several months of your life as you plan your perfect wedding...until one day it dawns on you that you haven’t planned the honeymoon!

But worry not! Because I propose the following idea: Wait to go on your honeymoon.

Sure it sounds romantic to depart your reception in your going away suit, getting in a town car, and making a mad dash to the airport as all your guests party the night away…but that sort of thing only happens in the movies and for good reason. That scenario is simply impractical for many of us.

So before you start booking plane tickets, consider the following reasons why you should wait to go on your honeymoon:

Save Money

This is probably the biggest reason to wait. You just spent thousands of dollars on your wedding ceremony and reception and chances are your honeymoon will tack on another couple thousand more. By waiting to go on your honeymoon you can save up some money, or even use the money that you received as a gift, and go on a really amazing honeymoon without worrying about what you just spent on the wedding. And maybe, just maybe, you could even go somewhere more extravagant than you had originally planned.

Time Off

Most of us don’t get a lot of vacation time to begin with and you probably already took several days off throughout the year. So why cram your honeymoon into the few days you have left of vacation time? Wouldn’t it be better to take a nice, long honeymoon? By waiting to go on your honeymoon you can rack up a few more vacation days and enjoy a longer honeymoon. 

Better Weather

Depending on where you want to go on your honeymoon and when your wedding was, it might make sense to wait. Maybe you got married in the fall or winter and you would like to go somewhere warm for your honeymoon. Then you really have no choice but to wait. Or perhaps you really wanted to go Paris but flights and hotels are less expensive certain times of the year and that’s the only time you can make it fit into your budget. By waiting to go on your honeymoon you might experience better weather, big savings, or both.

Rest & Relaxation

The truth is, there are odds and ends that need to be taken care of after the reception, so why not just get them out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them.  Plus, all your friends and family, probably some from out of town, made an effort to come to your wedding, so wouldn’t it be nice to spend a little time with them afterwards? You can stay at the same hotel with everyone, enjoy a leisurely brunch the next day, and let everyone ooh and ah about how amazing the wedding was, the delicious food, and how beautiful you looked! By waiting to go on your honeymoon you can enjoy your reception, friends, and family a little longer.

The Honeymoon Won't Be Over

Being engaged and planning a wedding is a very special time.  Let’s be honest, it is a lot of fun to plan the ceremony and reception, get dressed up, have parties thrown in your honor, and get presents. And it’s a little sad when it is all over. So why not make the magic last a little longer and spend some time getting excited about planning your honeymoon. If you wait to go on your honeymoon, you get to have another amazing event to look forward to!


So when you are deciding when you should leave for your honeymoon, think about all these reasons.  But at the end of the day, do what is right for you and what will make you and your new spouse the happiest!


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