Would you diet before the wedding?

Written with love by Jennifer Dene

Would you diet before the wedding?

"Should I weigh myself everyday?"

"Should I stop eating carbs?"

"I'm thinking of ordering a smaller dress size, I think I can lose enough weight for it..."

These are some of the questions and comments that I receive when I tell people that I am a bridal health and fitness coach. In a nutshell my answer is "no", but there's more to it than that. 

Pop on over to Mind Body Bride where this week where I'm sharing the simple formula I use to help brides with weight loss, weight maintenance, and increased health and energy before the big day. 

Plus we talk about what dress size to order, the deal with a keto diet, and a better way to track weight loss than the scale. 

Come and have a read and be sure to say hello by leaving a comment!

With love,
   Jennifer Dene