Creating Your Own Reality

I know, I know. It is easier said than done. Planning a wedding is hard work - is is stressful, overwhelming, tiring, and a full-time job on top of your full time job. You have to plan the vendors, the timeline, budget out your earnings each month just to cover your costs, and plan all of the little details in between while you have your friends and family pulling you from every direction.

This absolutely sounds stressful, I completely agree with you! And just reading that first paragraph probably stressed you out even more than you were already overwhelmed with today's wedding to-do list.

But we are going to change that. We are going to turn those negative, overwhelming thoughts to positives.

Together, let's create a new reality.

Who is creating your reality?

You create your reality, your life, each and every day. Personally, I think that weddings are stressful, because society tells you it is stressful.

Think about it...if everyone you had ever met, every article you had ever read, and everything you had ever seen in regards to weddings was positive, upbeat, and altogether a happy occasion, even throughout planning, your mindset would be completely different. The idea that weddings are stressful and overwhelming wouldn't even cross your mind!

But wouldn't you be doing the same amount of work?

You would still have another full time job. You would still need to choose your perfect vendors. And you would still be working with a tight budget. But your overall mindset would be that this experience is positive. Those negative thoughts would not be there, because you wouldn't know any better.

What if from the time you were born, vegetables were delicious and dessert was disgusting? It would be hard to imagine the other way around but because our society has told us the opposite, our minds believe it.

Turn the negatives into positives!

Your mind is a very powerful thing, if you haven't already realized it. So if all of what I am saying is true, then why can you not create your own reality?

Why not turn your negatives into positive, each and every day of planning your wedding?

"My family is pulling me in every direction!"

While this sounds stressful, think of it as your loving family doing everything they can to help you and to make your wedding day as perfect as can be!

"It's so hard to choose my vendors...there are just too many options!"

I know that choosing your perfect vendors is difficult, but what if there was only one vendor in the whole world? You may or may not like their work so wouldn't that be even worse? Because there are hundreds of vendors out there to choose from, you have the opportunity to choose one that is absolutely perfect for your budget and your vision.

"It's like a full-time job! And I already have a full-time job!"

And your full-time job on top of full-time wedding planning: I know you say it's overwhelming, but isn't it nice to get a little break from your "real" full-time job and do some Pinterest perusing? Or getting a breath of fresh air on your lunch break speaking with that florist you totally cannot wait to book because of her beautiful work? Isn't it nice to be able to spend hours upon hours planning one of the most exciting, beautiful, and meaning days of your life?? I think so!

Create Your Own Happiness


Because you have been told so, planning your wedding is just way too stressful. Your mind has turned every beautiful part of planning into a negative...just because they told you so.

But with every negative, there is always a positive...I promise! And with that powerful mind of yours, you can find it and make your experience a positive one.

It may rain, pour, or even thunder on your wedding day, but how amazingly unique and beautiful will your photos be?

You can find a positive in every single negative. So start every day, every moment, and your new life together with a positive mindset. You're setting the stage for the rest of your life.