Bridal Basics for Your Best Year Yet

Written with love, by Rebecca Fisher

So it's week two of 2015 and that clock is ticking! Are you overwhelmed by timelines and deadlines? The key to being relaxed, feeling good and staying in shape is to simplify. Seriously, there's so much to read, organize and do as a bride-to-be! Thank goodness for having a coordinator! (By the way, I know an amazing one - if you haven't done yourself a favor and hired Jenn as your "Day Of Coordinator", in the very least!)


Stick to the Basics

1. Pick a style of a workout that feels good to you. Or try something new that can expand your sense of confidence and shock your body into a new way of seeing your body become fit! Maybe that means hitting the weights and being consistent in at least 20 min of HIIT Cardio or signing up for Cross-Fit. Or maybe you want to try Insanity or a P90X? This intense style of fitness that you can easily do at home with any schedule but that doesn't mean it's a piece of cake! Or it could be Hot Yoga or swimming laps..

But whatever you choose, commit to challenging yourself and make some real change that will strengthen you in many ways and the most beautiful you that you've ever known yourself to be, when you slide your svelte curves into your perfect dress!!!


2. Revamp your diet! 

C'mon! Get serious!! Keep the cheat meals to one small cheat meal per week! 

The low carb diets typically don't work for long, and will keep you from getting in shape. And going on a cleanse or a crash diet won't give you results that will stick for long and will leave you feeling depleted in energy and might even make you susceptible to getting sick when you need to stay at your healthiest!

You need to focus on simple balanced nutrition! Protein, good complex carbohydrates (think dark green vegetables with whole grains) and more water than you think you can drink in a day...try for a gallon! Think 20-30 grams of protein per meal (4-5 small meals) and 2-3 healthy snacks - apple and almond butter, fat free Greek yogurt, a handful of almonds. This is absolutely key to bringing your metabolism up to create a natural fat burner, as you stay committed to your workouts!

Start taking care of your body like it's someone you Love!


3. Sleep at least six hours per night. To be fit, you must rest the body and allow it to recover! There's so much going on as a bride-to-be, but you need to listen to your body! Start respecting that you get one body - consider it a gift.

Where do you feel tense? Where is your body tight or sore? There is a "good sore", which many don't recognize. However, recovery is essential and your peace of mind and feeling good about you and your body and whatever level of fitness feels right for you, starts with making your sleep zone an absolute sanctuary! Carry this into your "Bridal Bed" and way of being with your new life as a wife and be proud of your loving self care, and extending that to the one you love!


Workout Tips

Workout Tip #1: If you can hire a personal trainer, you will manage your time effectively and get a very efficient workout! If this isn't an option, make a point to commit with a buddy. Hey, what about that guy who asked you to marry him? Or a fun girlfriend...Maid or Honor?!

Workout Tip #2: Focus on alternating body parts, in consecutive days with 3 days on, and 1 day off. Switch up the types of cardio - stair master or treadmill intervals, or jumping jacks with push-ups in between.

Workout Tip #3: Commit to keeping a " Bridal Fitness Journal." Make notes of how you feel about your own journey, what you've overcome, staying free of judgement and self criticism and be bold enough to eliminate negative assessments about what you "haven't" accomplished. Just focus on what you can and are doing! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the New Year - the best year of your life so far!