7 Minute Ab Workout For A Beautiful Belly

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Happy Saturday beautiful bride!

I love working out with you each weekend - It’s such a fun and positive way to start the day. Today I have a deep belly burn workout that is perfect when done on its own or added to the end of our last bridal leg workout (phew, I hope you felt your legs after that one!).

I only isolate my abdominal muscles during one training session each week, as too much targeted ab work can cause structural imbalances and diastasis (separation of the six-pack muscles). Of course the core is active during every workout, especially in planks and squats, but I don’t recommend doing hundreds of crunches each time you go to the gym.

With that said, I do love a good belly burn workout every now and again and I have a feeling that you might agree. Let’s keep up that healthy new year motivation as we enter the third week of January.

What we’re focusing on today:

1.    Obliques

These are the muscles at the side of the waist: Cinching in your waist with sliders, bicycles and side plank will make that mermaid gown really pop!

2.    Rectus Abdominis

The Six-Pack: As I mentioned, I rarely isolate the six-pack muscles in my workouts, but today they are getting some love with a weighted crunch. There are three levels of this move so follow the one that suits you best. A femininely defined belly will look smoking hot in your honeymoon bikini.

3.    Transversus Abdominis

This is your deep low belly: This muscle is the most important abdominal muscle for supporting the spine and improving your posture — especially before you walk down the aisle. We strengthen the TA during our frog presses and plank pose, so continuously draw your navel into your spine during those moves.

Let’s Get Started! Grab your mat and one heavy weight (optional) and let’s do it to it!

P.S. after your workout is the perfect time to try a bridalicious smoothie. Get the healthy breakfast smoothie recipe here.