Bridal At-Home Thanksgiving Workout // The Glider Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Hi lovely brides!

bridal at home workout

Can you believe that we are only five days away from Thanksgiving? I’ve felt that 2015 has flown by and I’m sure that you can relate – wedding planning has a way of speeding up time!

Last week I gave you some easy swaps to make your Thanksgiving meal as nutritious as it is delicious. Let’s add the final piece to the holiday-health puzzle with a Thanksgiving Day workout.

This cardio workout can take as little as 7 minutes if you only do one round (although I recommend 3 - 4) and will make you break a nice sweat without having to face the cold and crowds at the annual Turkey Trot!

A Quick Note About This Workout:

●     You need a pair of gliders OR two paper plates
●     It’s really important to keep your abdominals pulled in to protect your back
●     You can go faster or more slowly than I am in the video
●     Aim for 3 rounds, but add a bonus 4th if you’re feeling it!

How To Do This Workout:

●     20 mountain climbers
●     10 alternating half jacks
●     20 standing skater glides right leg
●     20 standing skater glides left leg
●     20 jackrabbits
●     40 alternating standing skater glides
●     10 glider lunges right leg
●     10 glider lunges left leg
●     10 x reverse tucks
●     10 x reverse jacks
●     10 x alternating oblique tucks


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Dene XO

bridal at home workout