How to Properly Wash Your Expensive Workout Clothes

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Hello lovely bride!

How to Properly Wash Your Expensive Workout Clothes

I hope that you had a magical Christmas yesterday and were the beneficiary of some hot new workout gear! There’s nothing like getting your sweat on in a trendy outfit that makes you feel that little bit more fit, toned and downright sexy.

But let’s be honest, these clothes aren’t cheap and they need to be cared for properly to extend their wearability...a fact that my darling husband now knows.

Despite 26 months of marriage bliss, there was one moment when I came very close to calling the divorce lawyers. The day came when my husband, Nate, decided to be “helpful” and wash my favorite workout clothes with . . . the towels! Yep, no kidding - Lululemon, Carbon 38, Beyond Yoga, Spiritual Gangster and white fluffy towels from Macy’s.

Fortunately, the clothes made it through the wash relatively unscathed (i.e. no pilling, stretching or irreversible damage), and so did our relationship. Although needless to say, he has never been allowed near my laundry again.

But then it got me thinking about whether you also knew how to best care for your special workout clothes?

Today I’m sharing a quick “How To” for washing fancy workout clothes. Use these tips to keep your outfits (and your engagement) feeling so fresh and so clean in the New Year.

How To Wash Your Expensive Workout Clothes

1.    Turn everything inside out before it goes in the wash.

2.    Use a lingerie bag for all of your expensive workout clothes if you’re sharing the wash with regular items. Otherwise it’s preferable to do a single wash with only workout clothes of the same fabric.

3.    Wash on the gentle cycle to preserve the integrity of the high-tech fibers in this kind of apparel. The tag recommends using cold water but I use warm to help eliminate odor build up.

4.    Never use fabric softener on synthetic materials - it leaves behind a coating that will prevent the clothes from getting fully cleaned. Similarly, don’t overdo the detergent with these kind of fabrics. Less is more and an occasional detergent free wash is a great way to freshen-up the fabric (counter-intuitive as it may seem).

5.    Lay flat on a drying rack (inside out if it’s in the sun) The dryer is a lycra killing machine and folding over the rungs of a rack will cause the edges to stretch as gravity pulls them down. Plus the smell of fresh air and sunshine will give you a boost when you’re next ready to workout.

Now I’d love to hear from you? What was your favorite holiday present from your fiancé this year? Let me know in the comments below.

With Love,
   Jennifer Dene