Bring Your Sexy hasn't gone very far!

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

Ever get that feeling of being un-pretty?  I mean, you know you’re gorgeous.  Your beauty from the inside seeps out of your pores to the outside, giving you an illuminating glow that radiates positive energy, attracting the most amazing people and experiences into your life.  However, there are those days where you feel like you’ve let yourself go rather than let yourself glow. 


Get a Manicure

And throw in a pedi while you’re at it!!  Being on your feet all day can build up some serious calluses.  Obviously dead skin cells don’t weigh much, but when your cuticles are cut and your feet are scrubbed you may actually FEEL ten times lighter—and cleaner!  Your hands are one of the first things people notice.  Sometimes I let mine go a little too long and gross myself out.  Make some “me” time, and get some color on your claws.


Dress Up (or Down)

Some of us have schedules that are so absolutely exhausting and demanding, and we forget to look in the mirror before we leave the house!! Or, your career may call for you to be in business attire the entire day (ugh, heels) and your self-presentation means everything!  I know as a trainer I’m constantly in sneakers and workout clothes.  When I start to slip and feel just “ugh,” I like to put on a dress and some shoes for an evening on the town, or even to lounge with my friends or myself.  But if you constantly have to look picture perfect and you’re tired of the business suits, fancy shoes or just wearing underwear in general, throw on some sweats!!  You’ll still look amazing because you’ll feel amazing (and less constricted) and you can completely relax!



Spring is just around the corner (for some of us), and according to, studies show that the more time people spent outdoors in the warm weather, the more their mood brightened.  And if you’re spending that time exercising, you’re releasing those feel-good brain chemicals.  Meeting exercise goals, however big or small they are, can boost your self-confidence.


PMA All Day!

We’ve all heard this before.  Contrary to the laws of science, positive attracts positive when it comes to a good energy and a happy mood.  If you’re having one of those mornings where you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth and just want to mentally bash your appearance, try saying five NICE things about yourself.  You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel leaving your house.  Another exercise you can try is to give one (genuine) compliment to a coworker or stranger per day.  We all know how it feels to receive nice comments from people, so pass it along!!  Positive Mental Attitude will take you into a higher level of happy.