Totally Toned Arms // A 10 Minute Bridal Arm Toning Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

I love Saturdays! Taking time with my morning cup of coffee and not following a schedule is my idea of heaven. I also use Saturdays to create new workouts for myself and my clients, and this week I have a special Overwhelmed Bride workout that I know you’ll love. 

This workout focuses on the number one body part that brides want to trim, tighten and tone before their wedding days . . . arms, of course!

Today’s 10 minute at-home arm workout will create shapely shoulders, toned triceps and overall awesome arms! I recommend repeating this workout 3 times each week, after a cardio session.

While you can’t spot reduce weight — it slides off the body evenly, which is actually nice — you can tone specific areas with targeted exercises.

quick at home bridal arm workout

What we’re focusing on today:

1.     Triceps

These are those pesky muscles at the back of the upper arm, otherwise known as “Tuck Shop Lady” arms. Defined triceps give your upper arm that lovely rounded shape, rather than having them look like flat pancakes (tuck shop style indeed)!

We’re using Tricep Kickbacks, Praying Mantis Pushups and Seated Dips to tone those triceps.

2. Deltoids

The deltoid is the tear-dropped shaped muscle that wraps around the upper arm and shoulder. If you’re wearing a strapless or cap-sleeved dress, you definitely want your shoulders in tip-top condition.

We’re using Standing Windmills, Side Plank Press and Prone Airplanes to create shapely shoulders.

3. Chest

So while not technically part of the arm, strengthening muscles of the chest (commonly known as “pecs”) will create a beautiful décolletage. Plus, you can’t really train your pecs without using your arms (and often your abs) so this is a two-for-one kind of deal!

We’re using In-Out Pushups, Chest Press and Dumbbell Flyes to strengthen the chest.

Let's get started!

So grab a pair of light (2 — 5 pound) weights and let’s get sculpting!


With love,
   Jennifer Dene