Losing Weight Without Dieting -- My Bridal Story

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Shortly after I got engaged I gained 30 pounds. Pretty bad timing!

I had recently moved to the United States from Sydney, Australia, and had a lot going on in my life that led to this sudden weight gain. While this impacted my self-esteem as a Pilates and fitness trainer, I also felt totally anxious about how I would look and feel on my wedding day (and in my wedding photos).

As the date approached I was desperate to lose weight, so, against my better judgement, I turned to extreme diets and exercise routines. 

Not only did these methods not work, they made me feel miserable and totally detracted from my engagement experience — I mean, you should be able to have a glass of champagne and a chocolate cupcake at your bridal shower without feeling guilty!

Fortunately, after creating my own fitness and nutrition program, I was able to get the bombshell bride results that I desired, without diets and deprivation. 

This week on Mind Body Bride I share three of the techniques I use to live with ease at my ideal weight, as well as a roundup of some of MBB's favorite workouts, recipes and relaxation tips. 

I can't wait to see you there!

With love,
     Jennifer Dene